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News 2011

December 2011 - "We would like to wish all our customers a Happy Christmas and New Year!!  & look forward to seeing you all in the new year !!

 2011 has been a strange year, but more 20lb plus fish have been caught in the carp lake than ever. Must be a good sign and shows that the carp are putting on a constant weight. Despite the low water levels, fish are still being caught!! Last weekend saw 2 local carpers take five fish from 17lb 9oz - to a beauty of a common at 23lb 7oz!! in a 48hr session. All fish fell to fruit flavoured pop-ups topped with plastic corn - fished on chod rigs.~

 Now winter is upon us we have had a couple of frosts and still not much rain!! however, it is not taking a lot for the lakes to freeze over - so if you haven't put your gear away yet its always worth ringing before you come, in case we are frozen over !!!!

 This years lake record stands at a Mirror of 30lb !!! (we weighed it 3 times to double check!!) caught by one of our regulars - Mr Jeff Hilton
 Pleasure anglers are still managing some decent catches on red maggot and chopped worm. Even the carp in the match lake seem to be liking lots of maggots at the moment.
 Merry Xmas - Graham

August 2011 - Update

Match Lake: The lake now has some decent colour, and catches are well up at the minute. Lots of small carp are being caught on soft hooker pellets and corn around the margins. The bigger carp are still falling to method feeder with corn and pellet working well.

Carp Lake: The recent rains have cooled things down a little, but one of our regulars (Dave from Sheffield) had a real beauty, 28lb 6oz Common last week. Most people are still managing to catch despite the low water level. Chod rigs seems to be fooling them at the moment and plastic corn is still performing.
 Stock pond: Lots of silver fish action on pellet, corn and luncheon meat - some good size crucians also falling for those baits.
June 2011 - It's been a bit mixed over the last couple of weeks, the best session this year came to Matty and his brother Tommo!!

Carp Lake:
 It's been a bit mixed over the last couple of weeks, the best session this year came to Matty and his brother Tommo!! who managed nearly 140lb of carp out between them. Tommo managed to winkle out a gorgeous 26lb 9oz Common and Matty just came in short with a 23lb common. Most if not all their fish came to pop ups fished on chod rigs and CC Moore baits. There was one 20lb mirror and some late teens out over the weekend, again falling to pop ups.
 Match Lake:
 A bit slow at the minute, but my gut feeling is they are getting ready to spawn!! Historically they normally start during the last week of May and are showing signs now.
 Stock Pond:
 As usual good mixed catches are coming to soft hooking pellets and corn, also luncheon meat and pineapple boilies seem to be picking up the bigger carp.

May 2011 - 30lb mirror banked on the last day of April

Jeff Hilton managed to bank a beautiful mirror carp weighing in at exactly 30lb!!!!!!! Jeff who fishes here every year caught this beauty on a pop-up cell boilie fished on a helicopter rig. Came as he was packing up on Saturday morning after loosing two other fish during his 3 day stay. (photo to follow)

April 2011 - The carp lake is fishing well with 5 20lb fish out since this weekend alone.

Match Lake: The match lake is fishing well with good catches coming to corn and pellet fished on the method or cage feeder. The new carp are still a little grouped together but are breaking up now more anglers are using the lake. Silver fish can still be had to maggot and caster. Best weight this year was a regular angler, catching 37 carp for 205lb fishing cage feeder from the car park end.

Carp: The carp lake is fishing well with 5 20lb fish out since this weekend alone. Bright baits seem to be working well, especially little snowman baits. The lilies are just beginning to show through and the fish are up in the water during the warmer spells.
 Stock Pond: All the normal baits are working well, and pleasure catches are up to the normal levels. Biggest fish out so far has been a 15lb 12oz mirror which fell to double red maggot!!!
March 2011 - Most severe winter but spring is in the air

"Welcome to Sapphire lakes in 2011 - Thankfully the weather is picking up following the most severe winter of my time here - in some places we had 12" of ice!!!!. So, with the improvement of the weather the catch rates have picked up also. The carp have been showing on the milder days and fish have been caught over the past 3 weekends. The biggest being a 18lb 4oz common. Single baits seem to be doing the business at the moment and at least 3 fish have come to "Trigga" boilies.

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