carp & coarse fishing
carp & coarse fishing

Sapphire Lakes

Norwell Ln, Cromwell, Newark, Nottinghamshire. NG23 6JQ





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Stock Lake

This is the smallest of the 3 lakes and provides 12 well spaced out pegs in 1.5 acres and was originally used to breed and rear young carp, hence the name Stock Lake.

Stocked with a number of species which include Carp up to 12lb with a few larger doubles, Crucian, Tench, Bream to 7lb, Perch and some very big Roach this lake offers a good days sport for all types of angler.

Depths range from 2ft in the margins to around 6-7 feet towards the centre of the lake, overall the depth is pretty consistent. All methods work well, but if your fishing the pole then a recommended elastic of no less than a 12 is advised.

There's no fishing from the far bank on this lake due to the rail track running along side. So if the going gets tough then a feeder or method to the far bank is always a good tip as this offers lots of cover in the form of over hanging trees and shrubs and you can often pick up the odd carp.

WARNING: - This tip is very affective but beware - accurate casting is essential!

Well stocked, variety of species, spaced out pegs and close to the main car park and facilities. This lake for those very reasons provides an ideal setting and is very popular with the disabled and younger angler.

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