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The specimen carp fishing lake ‘Grace’ at sapphire lakes is a mature 4 acre’s with new pegs recently built to allow for your optimum comfort.

The lake can be booked for club matches and social events if you so wish.

This lake holds a good stock of Tench, Bream and Roach, and has depths that vary on this lake from 2 – 3 feet in the margins to 14 – 15 feet towards the centre of the lake.

It is stocked with big bream, tench, roach and perch and carp up to 19-20lb. 100lb nets in matches are the norm.

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Either Feeder, Waggler or Pole work well. In the summer months you’ll find that fishing up in the water spraying maggots or pellet can produce huge nets, regularly reaching the magical 50lb, but don’t be shy with the bait.

In the winter months the fish tend to head for the deeper water, so try using a maggot feeder, but keep your hands on the rod otherwise you’ll lose it.

All types of bait can be used with Maggot, Carp friendly pellet and meat producing good catches. As with the Stock Lake when using the pole a recommended elastic of no less than 12 is advised.

You can night fish the match lake now just ring to check availability £7 for a day ticket £17 for 24 hours and you won’t get much sleep. unhooking mats and carp landing nets to be used when carp fishing.

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