Live System Weed Beater Mix



Perfect presentation over weed – every time!


What is it?

Weedbeater Mix is a light, fluffy stick mix that combines molasses meal, mini pellets, buoyant, active and soluble ingredients and a chosen base mix to deliver a combination of highly attractive food particles directly around and underneath your hook bait.

How does it work?

Required components:

  • Narrow PVA mesh.
  • Rig with length set an estimated depth of weed.
  • Critically balanced or slow sinking hook bait.
  • Weedbeater Mix.

When the Weedbeater Mix is compressed into a narrow PVA mesh stick, the rig is threaded through until the hook pulls tight into the end of the stick. Once the rig is cast into the swim the semi-buoyant ingredients ensure it will gently settle on top of the weed while the PVA mesh melts, leaving a compact pile of stick mix sat on top of the weed and underneath your low-density hook bait. However soft or fluffy the weed is, the critically balanced mix ensures perfect presentation every time you cast – taking the doubt out of fishing on blanket weed.

What happens next?

Once released from the melted PVA mesh Weedbeater Mix reacts with water, fizzing up and down through the layers whilst releasing powerful attractors that will attract fish and pull them down to your perfectly presented hook bait sat on an irresistible pile of stick mix. This gentle fizzing action is incredibly effective at attracting inquisitive fish to an area where the Weedbeater Mix and hook bait are presented – ready for an ambush.

Live System Weedbeater Mix contains a significant amount of Live System base mix making it ideal for use with Live System boilies. For an ideal presentation why not choose one of our new ‘wafters’ which are produced in the same four flavours as our freezer baits, shelf life bait and Weedbeater Mixes.

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